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Linda BlanchardI was certified in 1975 and joined the Sea Sabre dive club to find dive buddies. That is where I met Allan and Barb Jones and many of my life long friends. 

I have a degree in biology and worked at the Ocean Institute for 34 years teaching children marine and other sciences. I have since retired. I think being a diver added something to my excitement about teaching the children about the ocean. Working there also gave me many ocean experiences I would not have had with most jobs.  

I got my first underwater camera system in 1978, a Cannon F1 in an Ikelite housing. I later changed to Nikon film cameras when a full rig became available at a good price.  I did not change to digital until 2006 with a Nikon D100. I now shoot a Nikon D500 in a Sea n Sea housing and strobes. 

I joined OCUPS about 1995 and became president in 1998. The club has a great board that works well together and we all seem to keep our jobs for years. 

I like so many different dive locations that I do not have a favorite. I have dived all over California and Florida when I visited my parents. I have also dived in many travel destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, and recently a number of trips to the Philippines.