Become A Featured Member!

Every two months we hope to feature one of our many talented photographer members here on If you would like to be a featured member please send several paragraphs about yourself and dive travel experiences along with five to seven images that we can include on the home page slideshow of our website.

Please include your full name, the kind of cameras, housings and strobes you shoot with, if there is any special gear or accessories that you especially like to use, your favorite dive travel destinations, and anything else you would like for your friends to know about you. You might include a funny story about a travel experience, or some tips on shooting underwater that you feel might help your fellow members.

The images you submit for the home page must fit into our constrained size of the images that rotate on the home page. That size is HORIZONTAL only images that are cropped to exactly 940 x 300 @ 72 dpi and saved as .jpg with a medium-high quality setting. No vertical images please! Include your name in small text in the lower right corner (we currently use Arial 12 pt.). If you have additional images you would like to add to your own personal gallery, please let us know so we can set up a gallery for you that you can upload to.

Send your info and images to We will feature them in the order of the complete requests received. Incomplete submissions will go to the back of the line.