Month Subject
  January Sea Shells: The shell of mollusks must be the main subject, can be a critter in a shell or just the shell by itself, but again the shell must be the focus.
  February Orange: Any subject with the color orange as the predominant/main color.
  March Man-made: Any subject, underwater, that is man-made – wreck, pier structure, oil rigs, discarded objects (ie, tires, toilet, etc.). The main subject IS the man-made object, not a fish around or within the object.
  April Lobster: Subject must be a lobster(s)
  May  Patterns: An abstract image using patterns as the subject.
  June Silhouette: The subject would be backlit, so as to be solid black. Usually an ambient shot, but could be created with a torch/strobe to backlight the subject. The subject would NOT be lit.
  July Bubbles: The subject must be about bubbles - O-rings, exhaust bubbles, bubbles on something
  August Turtle: Subject must be a turtle(s)
  September Slow shutter speed: A subject shot with a slow shutter speed, showing the effect of motion (ie. blurred)
Video category: Slow-motion video
  October Predation/Predators: Subject must be a predator and or showing predation.
  November Reflections: The subject may be the reflection itself and or the subject and its reflection. Use of mirrors is not allowed, as that can stress the subject. We are looking for natural reflections.
  December Awards banquet