Monthly contest winners are awarded points for each place won. At the December meeting (Christmas party) the annual awards are given to the member with the most accumulated points.

1. First, second, and third place entries are all considered winning entries.

2. Points are awarded as follows: 1st = 3 points; 2nd = 2 points; 3rd = 1 point.

3. All winning places shall receive corresponding points, irrespective of ties.

4. Two entrants, minimum, are required to hold a contest in a particular category (Open, Traditional, Video) and award points.

5. For monthly photo contests where there is only one entrant in the Traditional category the entrant is allowed to compete in the next higher category, only for that month. And, if the entrant places in the higher category, points for the placement will be awarded but be applied to their original category e.g. if a sole Traditional entrant participates in the Open contest and wins 2nd place, the entrant would receive 2 points in their original Traditional category.