Every month we conduct an underwater photo/video contest among our members. Members are invited to submit three images of the theme that month. The images are displayed at the beginning of the meeting and attendees are invited to vote. At the end of the meeting the winners are announced.

Members receive points for the monthly contests they win, which are added up for the grand prizes announced at the December Awards Banquet.

The entry fee is $2/per images up to two images, $5 for three images.

  • Digital Submission Guidelines

Please email your entries to ocups1@gmail.com no later than Sunday evening.

File Format: JPG sized at 1920 x 1080 (or 1920 on the longest side) at 72 pixels/inch.

Naming and Formatting your files: OPE=Open, TRD=Traditional

Category abbreviation, dash, first name initial, last name, image number. Example, if your name is Babe Nemo and you are submitting 3 photos, in the Traditional category the file names should be: TRD_BNemo1, TRD_BNemo2, TRD_BNemo3.
An example of Open is OPE_BNemo1.

Slides must be scanned and entered digitally.

Video Entries: Instead of bringing your entries on a thumb drive, please upload them to this website: http://www.wetransfer.com/. We can no longer accept entries on a CD or DVD.

For Prelude images: P_WM01; P_WM02; P_WM03; etc., "P" indicates "Prelude". Letters are your initials followed by a number sequence for your images. For number sequence use 01, 02 for the single digit number, so photos stay in the order you want. Either email your prelude images in advance, or bring them on a jumpdrive. Prelude limits to 10 to 15 slides, video 3 minutes or less. Preludes will be shown dependent on time available.