OCUPS members are encouraged to share their images on this website. If you would like to set up a gallery for your images please contact Bonnie. See the notes below if you would rather do it yourself.

Here are some of the guidelines for preparing your images for your gallery. Please read this entire page before beginning.

  1. All images should be in jpg format using medium to high quality compression.

  2. Image size and resolution should be 72 dpi. The longest side horizontally or vertically should not be more than 800 pixels. DO NOT SEND OR UPLOAD HIGH RESOLUTION FILES!

  3. For your own protection you should include a copyright notice or watermark somewhere on your image.

  4. Keep your file names as short as possible. The file name will become the image title after you upload it. You'll be able to change them later using the Control Panel, but bad naming syntax can create problems later.

    For example:
    Catalina - July 2012.jpg will display as "Catalina - July 2012"
    Fiji trip with friends.jpg will display as "Fiji trip with friends"

    If you have many images, you'll need to give each one a different file name.

    For example:
    Catalina - July 2012 001.jpg will display as "Catalina - July 2012 001"
    Fiji 2013 - Beqa Lagoon 001.jpg will display as "Fiji 2013 - Beqa Lagoon 001"

  5. Only use numbers and letters in your file names. Never use symbols, slashes, double spaces in your file names. Characters NOT ALLOWED are: ~ ` ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) + = { [ } ] | \ : ; " ' < > ? , . / or anything else that is not a number of a letter. Characters that are allowed are: a through z, 0 through 9, dashes (-), underscore (-), and a single space.


This is important because you need to be organized BEFORE you begin uploading. If you want to create sub-categories you should organize your images accordingly.

When you are ready to upload your images, contact Bonnie. Please don't send large amounts of images by email without contacting her first.


If you want to create your gallery on your own simply login and go to Membership > Member Admin > Gallery Control Panel. Start by creating a Main Category (use your full name) and Subcategories if you wish. You can also upload images to each Category or Subcategory, but they must conform to the specs outlined on this page. When your gallery is ready, contact Bonnie and she'll link the menus to it.