Month Subject
  January Face to face: Any image that shows two faces facing each other. vIt can be two different species or the same species.
  February Yellow: An image where the subject is predominantly yellow. The color yellow should be prominent in the image.
  March Eels: Any ray-finned fish belonging to the order Anguilliformes, freshwater or saltwater fulfills this month’s theme .
  April Very hairy: Show us your best hairy aquatic animal. Subject must have the appearance of a hair, whether it is skin protrusions, algae resembling hair or covered in small spines. i.e. Hairy frogfish, hairy squat lobster, orangutan crab, hairy shrimp, etc. No sea urchins. No hairy humans permitted
  May  Juveniles or younger: Any organism, flora or fauna, presented in its distinct lifecycle phase after birth (no eggs) and before maturity.  (think larvae, pelagic planktonic, etc.) Organisms that are mere miniature replicas of the adults (i.e. juvenile whale, turtle, etc.) are not acceptable subjects and do not count
  June June Gloom: photo with predominant dark tones, can be silhouette, Monochrome, black & white image, grayscale.
  July SUPER Macro: Any subject that has been magnified in camera to produce an image. In other words, the subject must project on the camera sensor greater than 1:1. No cropping allowed. 
  August Big and Little: Two subjects in the same frame, one large and one small. This could be a diver and a whale, or two animals of the same species that are much different sizes.
  September Snooting: A subject lit with a snoot, light shaping device, or snoot torch. The snoot can be used to isolate the subject, backlight the subject and highlight certain aspects of the subject (such as the eye). Colored snoots are acceptable. No lighting effects may be applied in post-processing.
  October Life inside: Living inside a natural or manmade structure. This theme is looking for a creative use of a life within. Examples: subject in wreck, goby or eel in a hole, fish swimming inside of a cave entrance, subject in a bottle or can or shell- be creative.
  November Snell’s Window: Your image must properly showcase Snell’s window.
  December Awards banquet