Month Subject
The Mighty Pandemic - Use your imagination and submit images depicting pandemic related terms such as "social distance:" marine animals distancing from one another; "shelter in place," fish finding shelter; "safer at home," "community spread," "flattening the curve," etc.
  February Tasteful Nudes (Nudibranchs, including Heterobranchs) - Images that contain one or more nudibranchs
  March Black Background, Single Subject - A single subject where the negative space is all black. The subject should be isolated against a black background.
  April Ambient/Natural Light - An image that uses only available (ambient) light to illuminate the image
  May  (Mother’s Day) Yo Mama - Animals showing parenting behavior such as spawning, brooding, laying eggs, tending eggs or young.
  June Octopus - Any image where an octopus is the main subject
  July The Color Blue - An image where the subject is predominantly blue. This does not include images that are all blue or have a blue background because of the color of the water.
  August Close Focus Wide Angle - An image where a small (smaller than a basketball) subject is prominent but wide angle elements are in the image too, such as a reef in the distance, the sun, a diver, etc.
  September Translucent/Transparent - An image that you can see through even if it is aided by a torch (i.e. jellies, eggs, mermaids purse, kelp, glass shrimp, plankton or larvae, etc.)
  October Scary - Any subject you interpret as frightening or ghoulish
  November Feeding/Eating - A subject that is obviously in the middle of a meal
  December Awards banquet