Month Subject
  January Octopus – Octopoda
  February Teeth
  March Cave/cavern
  April Blennies and gobies – Both are small bottom fish. Blenny (Blennioidei) and goby (Gobioidei)
  May Cleaning station – Behavior shot of animals being cleaned by another animal. 
  June The color rust not rusty metal (but it could be rust). The color rust is a brown/orange color.
  July Fill the frame without cropping - The subject should fill the whole frame and be taken that way, not cropped to fit. The board may ask for original files if there is a dispute.
  August One light – Images shot with one light, either one strobe or one video light.
  September Subject that is circular – Subject with a circular profile, not circular patterns on larger subject.
  October Ugly
  November Adult and juvenile – Special contest with only two submissions not three. Pictures of the adult and juvenile of the same animal submitted in two different images, or adult & juvenile in the same image. Special file naming will apply to keep them together during the viewing.
  December Awards banquet