Black and white photos were the original medium for a long time. Then color came on the scene and improved so much tha t it seems to have taken over. However, black and white photos can possess striking qualities of romance, a sense of timelessness and even mystery.

Features such as lighting, texture and composition will be more noticeable in black and white photography as opposed to color.

The interaction of light and shadows are crucial to black and white photos, therefore, contrast as well as a myriad of shades of gray will make for a more successful black and white photo. Using the interaction of light and shadows allows for creativity in "framing" a photo, for example with a door way or window or something in nature such as a tree and can produce exciting results.

Color photos can be converted to black and white using various software programs available and can also be shot on the black and white setting in digital cameras. If the quality of the setting for black and white on a digital camera is lacking, take the photo in color and then convert it using the camera's software or computer software.

Have fun!